Renovations are underway to convert the former Texas Steakhouse into a new fine dining steak and sushi restaurant.

Jay Shin, the owner of seven restaurants, including six in Wayne County, plans to open Jay's Steak and Sushi restaurant by Christmas or in early 2018.

The project will be the largest for the business owner, who traveled to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and China to gather design and recipe ideas for the restaurant, located at 330 Spence Ave.

"It's going to be a fine dining restaurant," Shin said. "Goldsboro needs something. I want to do something for Goldsboro, too."

The interior of the business will be upfitted with items from different countries and the outside of the building will have traditional Korean roof tiles. Furniture items will come from Japan and China, he said.

"Everything outside is going to look different," Shin said. "We'll have a new menu, new chef, a new restaurant and it's fine dining for Goldsboro."

Part of the construction plans involve extending the front of the building into a portion of the parking lot. Shin plans to add 10-foot-high and 24-foot-wide, sliding glass doors to the front portion of the building.

During warmer months, the doors will open and offer customers a semi-patio dining experience.

"People will feel like they're sitting outside," Shin said.

Live music and events will be planned at the restaurant, which will have a large dining area, sushi bar, a patio, bar and a private dining room. Restaurant chefs are from Korea and Japan.

Shin has experienced success at his other restaurant locations, which include one Ninja Hibachi Express in Greenville, two in Goldsboro and one in Mount Olive, Sumo Japanese Steak and Sushi and Jay's Sushi and Burger Bar.

It's common for Jay's Sushi and Burger Bar to serve upwards of 400 customers on a Friday night, he said.

Originally from Atlanta, Shin, who has 20 years of experience in the restaurant business, said he now calls Goldsboro home.

Shin plans to create a restaurant that can attract people from out of town.

"People coming from Raleigh to eat here, that's my goal," Shin said. "If I make it over here, It's going to be a landmark in Goldsboro. I promise I'll make it happen. I'm not going to disappoint."