Beginning at 8 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 21, Wayne County residents can call 919-366-4074 to schedule an appointment to begin the application process for Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery funding for homes damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

The actual applications will be taken at the Hurricane Matthew Housing Recovery Application Center that will open Thursday, Nov. 30.

The center will be located in the Wayne County Veterans Services Office, 2001-D, E. Ash St.

At the center, Wayne County residents can apply:

To repair/reconstruct homes.

For reimbursement for repair work already done.

For a buyout.

Mobile home owners can apply to repair or replace their home, and landlords with eight or fewer units can apply for assistance under the small rental assistance program.

Renters can apply for temporary rental assistance.

"I cannot over emphasize how important that (phone call) is," said Michael Sprayberry, director, N.C. Emergency Management. "It is not a walk-in process. You have got to call and schedule an appointment. A lot of folks got severely impacted by Matthew. So there are still a lot of folks out there hurting. A lot of families need help.

"We want the residents of Wayne County to come to the Wayne County application center. We don't want people from other counties going to your (Wayne's) application center. What we are going to do is in the middle of December, we will announce how residents in other impacted counties can apply for assistance."