An assistant principal at Goldsboro High School was arrested during a traffic stop in Lenoir County last month and charged with driving while impaired.

Maya Leonard Swinson, 46, was reportedly cited by Kinston Police Department and taken to Lenoir County Detention Center, before being released on $500 bond. A court date of May 2 was set.

According to Wayne County Public Schools, Mrs. Swinson, who lives in Kinston, has been an employee since August 2015. Prior to that she had worked in Lenoir County Schools, where some of her roles included teaching at Rochelle Middle School and an assistant principal in Craven County before being named principal at Rochelle Middle School in 2013.

Ken Derksen, director of communication services with WCPS, confirmed late Wednesday that Mrs. Swinson is currently on paid administrative leave.

"Wayne County Public Schools takes all situations such as this very seriously," Derksen said. "As with any district employee, this matter will be handled in accord with Board of Education policy."

The pertinent policy, #7240-A Drug-Free Learning and Environment and Workplace, addresses what actions will be taken by the district based on the number of offenses.

Consequences for an employee convicted on a first offense of driving while impaired, for example, include a severe letter of reprimand being written by the immediate supervisor and placed in the employee's personnel file and the employee being required to attend a minimum of two counseling sessions. For second or subsequent offenses, further disciplinary action could be imposed, up to and including dismissal.

Traditionally, the district refrains from commenting on personnel matters and taking definitive action pending the outcome of a court case.

When asked by the News-Argus if the weekend DWI charge was a first offense for Mrs. Swinson, Derksen cited N.C. General Statutes under which she is protected.

"Wayne County Public Schools cannot disclose this type of personnel information as it does not meet the criteria of the 12 records available to inspection," he said. "(That is) why WCPS is unable to confirm whether this is her first offense."