Leah Campbell, a student at Charles B. Aycock, recently served as a page for the North Carolina House of Representatives. She is the daughter of Shay Campbell and Coletta Campbell and was sponsored by Rep. John R. Bell IV (R- Craven, Greene, Lenoir, Wayne counties).

Leah Campbell was appointed and introduced to the members of the House during the June 26 session.

The North Carolina House Page Program offers a unique and firsthand experience to students from across the state. Each year, the program provides a captivating insight into government by connecting students with elected leaders in North Carolina. Pages are given the opportunity to observe North Carolina lawmakers, lobbyists, staff and constituents working together in the legislative process. The pages witness and learn how a bill becomes a law, the structure of the state government and the legislative process. House pages attend session and committee meetings each day. They are also given the opportunity to provide office assistance to members and staff of the House of Representatives.