Wayne Memorial Bojangles Site

Construction workers are pictured on the site of the new Bojangles being built on Wayne Memorial Drive. The building is expected to be complete in April.

The planned Bojangles at the intersection of Tommy’s Road and Wayne Memorial Drive in Goldsboro may be complete within the first half of 2019.

Tillman Carter, with BoBuilders, LLC, in Kinston, said that work has been underway for a few weeks, mostly centered around site grading and building pad work. The project has been delayed because of bad weather recently, he said.

“We stripped the topsoil off where the building goes, and water just started coming out of the ground,” he said. “Basically all you can do is damage the site if you start working on that.”

With brighter weather on the horizon, however, Carter said that he expects work on the Bojangles to resume quickly.

“I’ve got my footing guys scheduled to come in two Mondays from now, I’ve got a lot of tests I need to run on the building pad before we start on the building,” he said. “Technically I should start not this coming week but the following week on the building. And then it usually takes us about 90 days from that point to get it opened.”

That would put the opening date somewhere in mid-April, Carter said.

Allen Anderson, Goldsboro’s chief inspector, said that the new building will be approximately 4,064 square feet. The contractors have already cleared the relevant building permits with the city, he said.

The project has been in the works for several years, and not without controversy. The initial rezoning request to build the Bojangles came before the Goldsboro City Council all the way back in 2012, when concerned community members from the area near Tommy’s Road Elementary School came forward to voice opposition to the new construction.

At the time, they said that new building projects in the area would contribute to more traffic congestion near the school, in an area which already suffered from backups during school arrival and dismissal times.

Since then, the intersection of Wayne Memorial Drive and Tommy’s Road has seen the addition of a new Wal-Mart grocery store and gas station, along with the recent opening of an (also-controversial) ABC store next to the school.

The increased traffic from those new additions is part of the reasoning behind a $14.4 million road-widening project planned for Wayne Memorial Drive expected to begin in 2021.