Sixteen people had signed in at the Wayne County Board of Elections office by 12:30 p.m. Friday to have their paperwork pulled to file as a candidate for either municipal or sanitary district offices up for election in November.

Of the total, 13 signed in before noon — the official start of filing — and by the end of the day 23 candidates had filed.

The two-week filing period for candidates seeking office in the Nov. 5 general election continues until noon on July 19. All the races are nonpartisan.

The flurry of filings created races for November in three of Goldsboro’s City Council districts — 2, 5 and 6 — and the entire Mount Olive board filed for re-election.

In Goldsboro District 2, incumbent Bill Broadaway is being challenged by Kelvin Maurice Stallings.

Incumbent District 3 Councilman David Ham will face Jermain Dawson.

In District 6, incumbent Gene Aycock is being challenged by David L. Craig.

Zachery E. Lilly filed in District 1 and Taj J. Polack in District 3.

Mayor Chuck Allen filed for re-election.

“We had some people show up this morning, early, who didn’t understand it is a 12 o’clock starting time, that is North Carolina statute,” said Wayne County Elections Director Dane Beavers. “We are going to take them in the order that they arrived.

“A lot of people either want to be the first or the last, and there are politics behind that. Usually we have a big group initially and then a large group at the very end.”

While the November election lacks the excitement of a presidential election, it is still exciting for local folks because municipal elections have a bigger effect on the voters’ day-to-day life, Beavers said.

“Typically, we will have folks who will wait until the last hour to see who has filed already and make their decisions at the last minute,” he said.

The city of Goldsboro will hold a primary election on Oct. 8 if three or more candidates file for mayor or for a particular council seat. The top two vote-getters in each primary race will advance to the November election.

The primary process is set forth in the city’s charter.

The county’s other municipalities do not have a primary in their charters, Beavers said.

For example, if 10 candidates file for mayor in Mount Olive, they will all be on the November ballot with the top vote-getter winning the election.

Election races will be held for the Goldsboro City Council, town boards in Fremont, Mount Olive, Pikeville, Seven Springs and Walnut Creek and several Wayne County sanitary districts.

No election will be held for Eureka town board seats due to the town’s charter being suspended until 2024.

Offices up for election this year, with the incumbents listed, are:

• Fremont: Mayor Darron Flowers; Aldermen Al Lewis, District 1; Leon Mooring, District 2; W.T. Smith, District 3; Joyce M. Artis, District 4; Joyce C. Reid, District 5; and Annie R. Lewis, District 6. Filing fee, $5.

• Goldsboro: Mayor Chuck Allen; Councilmen Antonio M. Williams, District 1; Bill Broadaway, District 2; Mark Stevens, District 3; Bevan J. Foster, District 4; David Ham, District 5; and Gene Aycock, District 6. Filing fees, mayor, $114; councilman, $90.

• Mount Olive: Mayor Joe Scott; At-large Commissioner Steve Wiggins; Commissioner Vicky Darden, District 1; Commissioner Harlie Carmichael, District 2; Commissioner Barbara Kornegay, District 3; and Commissioner Dennis Draper, District 4. Filing fees, mayor $24, commissioner $6.

• Pikeville: At-large Commissioners Stephen A. West, Michael Herring and Robert Hooks. Filing fee, $5.

• Seven Springs: Mayor Stephen Potter; At-large Commissioners Alan Cash, Karla Griffin and Robert Allen Hughes. Filing fee, $5.

• Walnut Creek: At-large Councilmen Danny Jackson, Greg Ricker and Cyndi Fallin Dupuy. Filing fee, $5.

• Fork Township Sanitary District: Two member seats, Andy Hartley and Beverly Perkins Keen. Filing fee, $5.

• Northwestern Wayne Sanitary District: Five member seats, David W. Pittman, Walter F. Bridgers, James S. Kirby, Kenneth Tucker and Danny K. Tillman. Filing fee, $5.

• Southern Wayne Sanitary District: Three member seats, Kevin Jones, Efton Sager and Marty Shaw. Filing fee, $5.

• Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District: All five member seats, David A. Bennett, Jimmy B. Cox, Darryl E. Overton, Alan Lumpkin and Ruby Gail Minchew. Filing fee, $5.

Candidates can file at the Wayne County Board of Elections office, 309 E. Chestnut St.