The Wayne County Sheriff's Office captured an escaped inmate this morning it says walked away from a roadside detail in the Dudley area.

Joseph Doyle Perkins was captured near the intersection of Swinson Drive and Club Knolls Road in Dudley about and hour after officials say he left the clean-up detail by getting into a gold Ford Fusion. The car then ran the intersection at Durham Lake Road and O'Berry Road before pulling off the roadway. Perkins then fled on foot.

Deputies responded along with troopers from the N.C. State Highway Patrol. Brogden primary and middle schools, along with Southern Wayne High School were placed on soft lockdown because authorities thought Perkins might head in that direction, a school official said.

Those schools are being notified now that the threat has been removed and should be returning to normal operations shortly, said Ken Derksen, spokesperson for the school system.

Law enforcement officials said Perkins was not the driver of the Ford Fusion, but they have no description of that person at this time and efforts were initially concentrated on capturing Perkins.

Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce said that over the two years the roadside garbage pick-up detail has been in existence, more than 30,000 bags of trash have been collected without any issues such as today's escape.

"These inmates have represented good behavior, so that's how they've been able to participate in the trash collection program," he said.

Additional details will be provided as more information regarding the escape and capture of Perkins are obtained.