Bertha Sutton was honored for her 100th birthday during a celebration held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 28, at Rebuilding Broken Places, 2105 N. William St.

Sutton was born Oct. 23, 1917, and grew up in Wayne County.

She is pretty healthy, but is unable to walk on her own, but she was walking on her own last year, said granddaughter Melody Gilcreast.

She slowed down on pork, and loves fish, can eat it for days, and she always show love and kindness toward others, Gilcreast said.

"She always quotes the Scripture, obey your parents and your days will be long," she said.

A homemaker, who also worked on a farm, Sutton was raise by her mother, Zelphia Dickerson.

Sutton was 11 when her mother died and she went to live with her grandmother, Nancy Dickerson.

Sutton was married to the late Anderson Sutton for 43 years. She was 13 when she met Anderson and they married when she was 21.

They had eight children, six girls and two boys, four of whom are living -- Mary Richardson, Angeline Wilder, Wanda Forsythe and Joyal Newkirk.