Center Stage Theatre performs One Acts

Gene McLendon, left, directs Banks Peacock, center, and Daniel Ruffino in one of this year's One Acts.

Center Stage Theatre members will perform their One Acts show today and Saturday at 7:30 p.m. at the Wayne County Museum.

The One Acts is a collection of small stories that cover a wide variety of subject matter and are all told independently, but presented collectively. By presenting the One Acts, those attending get a unique experience in the world of Wayne County theater.

This year's stories cover a wide range of subjects. One focuses on a group of Neanderthals, while another is a reimagining of the first episode of a beloved sitcom. There is also a game show, a job interview, a trip to a small nation, a day at the park and a night out at a fancy restaurant, among others.

Scripts for the One Acts come from different local writers. There are four directors this year. Some of those directors also wrote scripts for the show, allowing them to wear multiple hats at one time.

One writer-director is Gene McLendon, who has been instrumental in keeping the One Acts going for the past several years. His wife, Debbie McLendon, is helping behind the scenes this year in addition to being in two scenes.

“One of the good things about the One Acts,” Debbie said, “is you get to see some of your favorite people that are in the background in other shows be up front. It gives opportunity to some of the actors who don’t always get a chance to shine.”

The show also provides actors with the challenge of playing different characters across multiple stories. Unlike actors in a traditional show, they switch from one character to the next, sometimes rapidly.

Tickets are available at the museum.