Spencer Jones, grandson of Douglas and Judy Wiggins of Mount Olive, and his band Redhill are leading the voting in a contest for a chance to open for OneRepublic at the Stadium of Fire concert on July 4 in Provo, Utah.

However, local residents are being asked to participate in the online voting to help ensure that they win the competition.

"Spencer has a chance to open for OneRepublic at the Stadium of Fire concert in front of 50,000 people," his mother, Paula Wiggins Jones, said. "This could be the break that he's worked so hard for, but he really needs your help.

"Redhill is currently in the final round of voting which takes place through an online company. The top 10 will then be reviewed by the concert officials who will ultimately choose two acts to open for OneRepublic."

A substantial amount of Redhill votes so far have come from his supporters in Mount Olive, she said.

"We have been overwhelmed by the response he has received from my hometown," Jones said. "Many have shared and promoted him through their social media accounts.

"The voting ends on June 11, and each person can vote once a day until then. We are hoping to get Spencer's votes as high as possible so the judges will take note when they make their decision."

The Stadium of Fire concert is the largest Independence Day celebration in the country with an estimated 55,000 expected to attend, his mother said.

To vote, visit https://contendr.gigg.com/competitions/entry/stadium-of-fire-2018/80s-medley-your-love-don-39-t-you-want-me-come-on-eileen--1.

Jones, a Roanoke Rapids native, is the son of Franklin and Paula Wiggins Jones of Clayton. His mother is a native of Mount Olive, and her parents, siblings and much of her extended family still live in Mount Olive.

Members of the three-man band write songs -- mainly about experiences and relationships. They come up with ideas and work on the songs together.

Spencer, 27, started performing when he was around 18.

"Our family loves music," Paula Jones said. "Each of our six children enjoy playing music and singing. My dad and all of his siblings were very musical. I always say it skipped a generation with me."

The name of Jones' band has a very interesting story, she said.

His great-grandfather, Lathan Wiggins, was from Mount Olive's Scotts store area in Duplin County.

As a young child Lathan Wiggins attended a one-room schoolhouse by his home which was named Red Hill School. In 1936 at the age of 19, he boarded a freight boat with his older brother destined to New York City where they hoped to have their original music heard by the world.

They achieved success shortly after arriving in New York by performing on the largest stage of their time -- a national broadcast performance at Radio City Music Hall.

"He was in love with a young girl -- my grandmother Pauline Jane Swinson Wiggins -- back home so when the boat was returning to North Carolina he decided to put his dream on hold forever and return to his sweetheart," Paula Jones said.

"He became a businessman after that and eventually named his Mount Olive-based company Red Hill. In choosing a name for his band, Spencer felt Redhill was a great way to keep his great-grandfather's passion and love for music alive."

The medley submitted by Redhill for the contest are those that Spencer said his father listened to in the 1980s.

It includes "Your Love" by The Outfield, "Don't You Want Me" by the Human League and "Come on Eileen" by Dexy's Midnight Runners.

For more information about the band, visit www.redhilltheband.com.