Cinderella will once again make the magical transformation from scullery girl to beautiful princess as Goldsboro Ballet does its rendition of the classic fairy tale in March.

The story focuses on Cinderella, who loses her parents and is at the mercy of her mean stepmother and stepsisters. Her fairy godmother uses her magic so Cinderella can go to the royal ball, where she falls in love with the prince and he with her. When it’s time for Cinderella to leave the ball, she loses one of her glass slippers, which the prince uses to find her. And they live happily ever after.

Goldsboro Ballet did “Cinderella” for the first time in 2004 and again in 2013.

“We have decided collaboratively as an artistic group that ‘Cinderella’ was a good fit for our current dancers and the community,” said Mary Franklin, assistant director with the ballet. “There is comedy, beauty, romance, magic and royalty within this classic fairytale.”

She said the current company dancers were young pre-support and support dancers in 2013, and are now getting to dance the roles that the girls they looked up to in 2013 did.

“They are extremely excited and reminiscing about their previous experience with the ballet,” Franklin said. “The younger dancers are extremely excited since they can relate to the many Cinderella stories and movies they have watched and read growing up.”

The artistic team of Jen Clymer and Ashley Sparks (a former dancer with Goldsboro Ballet) are working on new scenery for the forest scene. Their vision is to create six panels of trees on scrim material to give the illusion of depth to the stage as the dancers enter the magical forest where Fairy Godmother tells Cinderella to look ahead at her beautiful future through the Season Fairies.

The props committee is creating a new carriage for Cinderella.

Gena Hackett and her committee are creating a new transformation dress for Cinderella. And Fairy Godmother has a new Golden Romantic Tutu with handpainted wings.

The support dancers also have entirely new costumes that they will also wear at the ball to present the royal gifts to guests.

“I had a new vision to incorporate to assist in the transition of Fairy Godmother from a beggar to the magical forest through the use of fireflies,” Franklin said. “This magic is sure to wow and delight the audience.”

Choreographer and former Goldsboro Ballet dancer Meagan Sutton is creating new costumes for the stepsisters to wear while getting ready for the ball.

“My goal is to entertain the audience,” Franklin said. “I want the audience to walk away saying ‘I did not realize we had that much talent locally.’ When they embrace the story and truly understand what the ballet is telling them, then I feel we were successful.

“Ballet it a story told through dance. There’s no words to tell the audience what is happening. There are feelings from the music, dancing, props, scenery, costumes and artist input of each and every dancer. The collaboration of each audience member’s personal experiences with the story and the artists’ presentation comes the understanding and enjoyment of watching the ballet.”

In conjunction with the ballet will be a Ball with Cinderella at 3 p.m. March 3 at the Terrace Room in downtown Goldsboro. For more information about the ball, call 919-778-0888.