State and county alcohol law enforcement officials raided Five Star Discount convenience store on Central Heights Road today for selling wine and beer without a permit.

Wayne County ABC Law Enforcement Chief Joe Sadler said approximately $3,000 wholesale value worth of alcohol was taken from the business at 3515 Central Heights Road.

An agent made an undercover purchase at the store around 12:30 p.m.

Sadler said the store had failed to pay taxes, and received a letter on Jan. 24 from the N.C. Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission notifying them that their permits to sell alcohol were no longer valid.

After Sadler's agent made an undercover buy from the business -- which is located across from Eastern Wayne Middle School -- the clerk who sold the agent the Budweiser tall-boy and the manager of the store were charged.

"The clerk said he didn't know the permits weren't valid," Sadler said.

But the store manager, Hesham Mohamed Hadwan, 34, of 214 E. Hooks River Road, presented the letter from the ABC Commission to Sadler and confirmed that he had received the letter and read it.

Sadler said he did not know why the store continued to sell alcohol without a permit after receiving the letter.

Hadwan is charged with possession of alcohol for sale without first obtaining the applicable ABC permit and revenue licenses.

The clerk, Juan Carlos Gonzalez Conenguez, of 1708 S. Slocumb St., is charged with selling alcohol without first obtaining the applicable ABC permit and revenue licenses.

Sadler said neither the clerk nor the manager were taken to jail because they were cooperative on the scene.

Sadler added that law enforcement has received ongoing complaints about the location related to ownership and permitting issues.

If an owner or manager could not get ABC permits, they would put the business in someone else's name so the permits could be obtained, Sadler said.

Sadler also said that while the alcohol was being seized from the business, a Coors Light truck pulled up to deliver more beer to the store.

The alcohol seized by law enforcement will be stored in the back of the ABC Store on Landmark Drive until the case is resolved.