Goldsboro Councilman David Ham was sworn in as mayor pro tem of the Goldsboro City Council Monday night.

Ham's appointment came two weeks early after Councilman Bevan Foster vacated the post on Nov. 6. Foster said he could no longer serve in the capacity that includes taking on mayoral duties when the mayor is not present at meetings or events.

Foster cited disagreeing views from the mayor and the council.

"I don't believe in the decisions that this board makes," Foster said at the time. "I don't believe in the decisions the mayor makes."

Foster was appointed in December 2016 and set to serve through 2017. A new mayor pro tem was set to be appointed in December.

Ham was appointed by council, during the council's evening work session, which preceded the regular council meeting.

Prior to the council's vote, Councilman Antonio Williams asked Foster to reconsider.

"I don't think he should resign at this time," Williams said. "I thought he was doing a good job."

Foster declined to reconsider his decision. He plans to continue to focus on representing people in District 4.

The mayor pro tem doesn't have any more power than other members of the council but serves in a temporary role during the mayor's absence. Ham will lead council meetings or serve as the council's representative at events when the mayor is not present.

"It's an honor to be elected by your peers to serve as the mayor pro tem," Ham said.

"It's a responsibility that you have to accept in the event the mayor's not available to perform his duties -- you step in -- and that can be anything from a ribbon cutting to a hurricane. I'm just basically a deputy mayor."

Ham said the post will not change his role as a councilman and his representation of District 5.

"It has no bearing whatsoever on my representation of my district and, or the other residents of the city," Ham said. "I still represent my district."

Ham will serve the remainder of Foster's term and continue as mayor pro tem in 2018.