The Wayne County Tax Department’s annual list of delinquent taxes is inserted into today’s newspaper.

“This is statutory,” Wayne County Tax Administrator Alan Lumpkin said. “It is a one-time insert. We have to advertise all 2018 delinquencies.”

The list has more than 4,000 parcels listed on which 2018 property taxes have not yet been paid, Lumpkin said.

“Those are not owners,” he said. “One person may own five parcels. It is advertised by parcels, not by owners. I can own five parcels and be delinquent on all five of them. That counts as five, not one.

“What it has is the actual owner, the description, the lot or acreage size and the amount owing.”

The number of parcels is comparable to 2017 delinquent numbers, Lumpkin said.

Taxes are due each year on Sept. 1 but are not delinquent until Jan. 6.

Taxes not paid by then are subject to a 2% penalty and then three-quarters of a percent for each month thereafter until paid in full.

“The amount advertised is the amount owed through March 31,” he said. “It includes principal and interest through March 31. We did have a cutoff. May 9 was our cutoff we had to get our information together (for printing).

“So any payments made after May 9 are still going to be in there. It is still going to be advertised (as late). It explains all of that on the front (of the insert). It has all of the pertinent dates on it. It is just an annual process that we go through every year.”

It is required by state law, he said.