A Wayne County family lost nearly all of their possessions last month when their home burned down.

Jesica Bass, her fiancé, Corie West, and their five children lost everything but a couple pieces of clothing and some photos when an electrical fire broke out near the stove in January.

Jesica, 30, was home alone shampooing a carpet in her girls’ room when she heard the smoke alarm go off. She ran into her kitchen and saw a fire.

“We got a bedroom set for Christmas from my grandparents and were waiting to put it in Corie’s daughter’s bedroom,” she said. “For the time being, we had just propped it up in the kitchen beside the stove.”

Jesica saw the top of the mattress burning and tried to drag it out of the house, but was unable to do so. Then she realized that the cabinets in the kitchen and other fixtures were also on fire. Having left her cellphone in the burning home, Jesica had no way to call 911.

“I got out and ran out on the porch,” she said. “(Corie’s) mom stays behind us and I was screaming for her. The neighbors heard me screaming at the top of my lungs and called 911. A neighbor also tried to help me put the fire out. But the windows started exploding and we couldn’t do anything.”

The neighbor called Corie and told him his house was on fire. By the time Corie arrived home, the fire was out.

“Within a matter of 20 minutes, it was over,” Jesica said. “It was unbelievable how fast it happened. Just everything gone that fast.”

Firemen with Indian Springs Fire Department reported an electrical fire by the stove in the kitchen caused the damage.

When the couple went back to their home the next morning, they discovered everything was destroyed.

“Corie won’t walk through it now,” Jesica said. “He’s worked his entire life to have this. It was his dream, his own land, his own house, and it’s just gone.”

Although the couple owns the land and the home, they said they couldn’t afford insurance.

“It’s expensive,” Corie, 38, said. “I thought what was the chance of my home catching on fire? But now I realize it’s something you need.”

A friend of Corie’s provided the couple with a camper as a temporary home, which they put behind their burned out shell of a house. Corie got the power back on and put up a temporary power pole.

The couple’s children stay in the tiny camper with them sometimes but other times, they stay with relatives.

The American Red Cross gave the couple vouchers for a week’s temporary lodging, some food and clothing and help replacing daily medications Jesica takes that were lost in the fire.

The couple is pretty much starting over and could use any kind of help Wayne County people can offer.

Clothing sizes for the family are:

• Britney West, 13, size 10 pants and large shirt

• Harley West, 18, size 7 pants and medium shirt

• Hope and Faith Lee, twins, 5, 5T

• Landon Floyd, 12, size 16R pants and adult small shirt

• Jesica, size 2 pants and small shirt

• Corie, size 32-34 pants and extra large shirt

The couple also has two dogs, Stoney and Sampson, and could use any donation of dog food.

They also need toiletries, furniture and anything that can help with starting over.

“We’re working our butts off to make sure that we get our life back to normal,” Jesica said. “We don’t expect anyone to just give us anything. We’re doing our part as well.”

Anyone wanting to make a donation of any kind to the family can call the Red Cross at 919-735-7201.