Demolition on a Fremont building that collapsed April 9 will begin tomorrow, town administrator Barbara Aycock said today.

The roof of the building, at the corner of Main Street and Sycamore Street, fell in last week, likely due to decay near the roof line, Aycock said. The project will be handled by Bryan Taylor Demolition, she said.

Aycock said that the equipment should arrive in Fremont early in the morning, and residents may begin hearing the sounds of demolition work around midday. The area around the collapsed building is still blocked off, and will remain so until the project is complete.

"Hopefully that will be done by the middle of next week," Aycock said. "We have to cut some electricity in that area because he's going to have an excavator in the ground, so we're just trying to make sure we have all our information right ahead of time."

The buildings adjacent to the collapsed structure are unoccupied, Aycock said. Some do share a wall with the condemned building, however, so the town hired a construction engineer to help place bracing equipment inside the other buildings during the demolition process to make sure they are not damaged.