Emergency Operations Center opens

Tara Humphries hands office supplies to Phillip Sexton in the Emergency Operations Center set up in the Jeffreys Building downtown. Humphries had the supplies left over from Hurricane Matthew.

The Emergency Operations Center opened Thursday at 8 a.m. on the second floor of the Jeffreys Building on John Street.

Close to 30 people, made up of mostly Wayne County employees and several community members, are volunteering their time in 12-hour shifts to answer phone calls from the public with non-emergency concerns.

“This is where all county and city officials come together in a safe environment to handle every aspect of this storm to keep the citizens of Wayne County safe,” said Carol Bowden, Wayne County director of public affairs.

There are four television screens on the wall broadcasting the weather and other important information, and the room is lined with tables so each volunteer has a telephone and laptop.

“They’re handling everything from individuals requesting information or needing assistance that is not a 911 emergency,” Bowden said.

People with non-emergencies can reach the Emergency Operations Center at 919-705-6599.