Goldsboro Fire Department scholarship donation

Goldsboro Fire Chief Joseph Dixon presents Adrienne Northington, Foundation of Wayne Community College executive director, left, and Renita Allen Dawson, Wayne Community College associate vice president for Workforce Continuing Education Services, with $1,000 scholarship donation. The scholarship will cover the cost for five minority residents seeking to earn their Emergency Medical Service certification for employment at the Goldsboro Fire Department.

Minority Goldsboro area residents interested in joining the Goldsboro Fire Department can now apply to receive a $200 scholarship for Emergency Medical Services training at Wayne Community College.

Goldsboro Fire Chief Joseph Dixon recently donated $1,000 to Wayne Community College to set up the Chief Joseph Dixon EMS Scholarship, which seeks to help minority residents complete the EMS training program.

Dixon established the scholarship after recognizing a need for diversity within the fire department, and after learning about certain barriers students face, such as accessing necessary educational programs and certification.

“When I go out into the community, the community has asked about diversity in the fire department,” Dixon said. “There was a hurdle for many minorities to access EMS training, which is a requirement to become a firefighter — you have to have EMS training.”

The Chief Joseph Dixon EMS Scholarship provides five students enrolled in the Wayne Community College Emergency Medical Service program up to $200, which students can use for tuition, fees, books and required uniform items.

Scholarship applicants must provide proof of residence, a resume, letter of recommendation and complete a ride-along with the Goldsboro Fire Department. Recipients are also required to send a thank you letter to Dixon.

The scholarship is awarded through the Foundation of Wayne Community College, which provided 580 scholarships amounting to $408,674 to students enrolled in WCC college credit, Workforce Continuing Education and Transitional Programs courses for the 2018-19 school year. The foundation also provides funding for innovative campus projects, employee recognition and cultural programs for the community.

“It’s just a very generous scholarship for our Workforce Continuing Education students,” said Adrienne Northington, Foundation of Wayne Community College executive director. “We’re thrilled because we have not had as many scholarship opportunities through the Workforce Continuing Education students.”

Anyone interested in applying for the scholarship should contact Maxine Cooper at 919-739-6938 or email

Dixon hopes the scholarship will help the fire department hire more people from Goldsboro and remove hurdles minority students face when completing their EMS training. Dixon will continue funding the scholarship each year as long as he is the Goldsboro fire chief, he said.

“If we hire people who live in Goldsboro, who are from Goldsboro, they are more likely to stay in Goldsboro,” Dixon said. “(The scholarship) is to remove a barrier for students.

“That’s just part of my commitment to the Goldsboro community.”