Two men watched their mobile home burn down Tuesday morning off of Dallas Road.

Tyshone Turner, 23, and Tye Johnson, 20, saw the fire start at their home, located at 105 Curlew St., just after 10 a.m.

Turner said he saw a broken TV on the porch burning, and he said he called the fire department.

The TV was not plugged into any electric outlet.

"We just moved here, not even two months ago," he said. Turner said he and Johnson are the only people who lived in the home.

New Hope, Arrington, El-Roy and Seven Springs fire departments arrived after a call at 10:23 a.m. Firemen put the fire out after 30 minutes of burning.

The mobile home is a total loss.

El-Roy Fire Chief Steven Mozingo said the cause of the fire and location in which it started is unknown at this time.

"We're still working on how it happened," he said.

Firemen assessed a propane tank outside the home, which released excess pressure after the tank's vent popped off

"It got hot and was doing what it is supposed to do," Mozingo said.

The front of a mobile home at 107 Curlew St. was damaged from the fire, but Mozingo said the home was vacant.

He said the fire departments are waiting for the Wayne County Office of Emergency Services to investigate the incident further to determine the cause.