A police chase that ended along I-795 with spiked strips strewn across the highway to flatten the fleeing suspect's tires started in Johnston County, according to a news release.

The incident took place Dec. 30, at about 2:50 a.m.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office said Thursday that the whole event started when a resident in Johnston County saw a man he did not know standing in his front yard staring into his home. The stranger then took off when the resident gave chase.

Daniel Frank Correll, 27, 102 Mansion Lane, would later be identified as the fleeing suspect. He now faces several criminal charges including fleeing to elude arrest, possession of marijuana up to half an ounce, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Johnston County Sheriff's Office investigators are also looking into whether a break-in occurred prior to the chase which ultimately led to Correll's arrest.

"He was seen standing in someone's yard, just standing there staring," Maj. Tom Effler said.

"A break-in is suspected to have happened at the house in Johnston County, but they are investigating that part of it."

Effler, of the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, said the homeowner who chased Correll off then hopped in his own car and followed him as he fled.

"He jumped in the vehicle and took off and the person followed him," Effler said.

The man called 911, but the dispatcher must have misunderstood, Effler added.

That's because when Wayne County deputies got radioed to intercept the chase as it crossed county lines, they first thought Johnston County law enforcement was pursuing the suspect, not a private individual.

The news release detailing the incident said the individual was able to flash his lights and alert deputies to the car he was chasing.

Wayne County deputies took up the pursuit which led them through the northern part of the county, into Pikeville ---- at times reaching speeds up to 70 mph in 45 mph zones ---- then on to I-795.

Goldsboro Police and Wayne County deputies worked together to get ahead of the suspect and deployed spiked strips, also known as "stop sticks," in the roadway to puncture the fleeing vehicle's tires and halt the chase.

The suspect managed to continue on for about another half of a mile before coming to a stop, the release said.

Correll then surrendered without incident and was charged. He was placed in the Wayne County Jail under a $7,500 secured bond pending a first appearance.