Chevrolet of Goldsboro hosted a vehicle maintenance clinic on Saturday.

The event offered information on the proper way for vehicle owners to care for their car along with preventative maintenance care.

The information session was held inside the conference room at the dealership, where a wealth of information was shared about vehicle services.

Pauline Champion, who took part in the information session, said that she wanted to be knowledgeable about her vehicle maintenance needs.

The class began with Goldsboro police Cpl. Dillion Fleming giving motorist-safety tips on what do when stopped by a police officer.

Dillion said anytime a motorist gets pulled over , he or she should make sure to pull off to the right side of the road as far as possible to ensure the safety of the drivers and the police officer.

He added that the driver should find a well-lit area to pull over in the event of a traffic stop.

Chris Harvey, who serves as master technician at Chevrolet of Goldsboro, gave tips on using preventative maintenance care.

Harvey said that one of the biggest challenges that he sees when people come in is their lack of knowledge about what is being described to them about their vehicle.

"When people come in, we want them to be able to identify with us when we tell them a part is bad on the vehicle," Harvey said.

"We don't want them to feel like we are taking advantage of them."

A demonstration was presented to show how to check the oil in the vehicle, as well as how to check tire pressure, windshield wiper fluid, tire tread and the proper way to place jumper cables.

One of the things that was recommended during the information session was to check oil levels each time a motorist stops to get gas.

Another important tip, Harvey said, was checking the coolant safely while the vehicle was not running.

Bridget Semmens, who serves as the warranty administrator, said the goal of the maintenance session was to empower people and to make them more aware of the vehicle they drive.

"We want to give them more understanding about the vehicle they drive and help make them be more knowledgeable when prepare work is being done on their vehicle," she said.

Gift bags -- which included a tire pressure gage, a tire tread gage and a hand-held survival device should motorist gets in a accident and their vehicle is submerged in water -- were also distributed.