During his more than 30-year career as a barber, Luby Jackson, owner of His Point of View barbershop and Her Point of View beauty salon, consistently ran into the same issue -- there was nowhere to buy supplies in Wayne County.

So, in early 2017, Jackson and his wife, Angela, decided to fix that problem.

The couple rented out the remaining space in their building at 511 N. William St. and set up the His Point of View Barber Supply Store.

"This barber supply store has been up around eight or nine months, and I've been a barber for 33 years," he said.

"We have all the name brand barber supply stuff, the name-brand clippers like Andis, Wahl and Oster. We also repair clippers."

Jackson said he decided to open the supply store to give barbers a place catering directly to them.

Having been in the business for so long, Jackson often had to order his equipment online.

Now, local barbers have a nearby store to get the high-quality tools they need, Jackson said.

"We've had to go online to buy our stuff. Most barbers, you could go to Sally's or Kim's or a place like that, but we didn't have what we need as barbers," he said.

"So I'm centering myself around making sure I meet the needs of barbers. They don't have to go online or anything, they can come right here and get anything they need."

Business has slowly but steadily increased since the store opened, Jackson said.

As barbers have realized that they can get professional-quality equipment in town, they have begun to consistently show up at Jackson's store.

Offering clipper repairs is another way the His Point of View sets itself apart, Jackson said, because it helps barbers save money.

"Repairs also, you've had to go buy a whole new pair of clippers instead of just buying a part and getting it repaired," he said.

Angela Jackson manages the day-to-day operations of the supply store. She said that the store provides local barbers with a way to get the products they want -- which are often very specific.

"We had a gentleman come in who asked for a particular type of shaving cream that we hadn't even thought about," she said. "So I went to a wholesaler, one of our wholesalers and I was able to locate it. We really try, and if a barber asks for something, and there's a possibility that another barber is going to ask for the same thing, and we will get more of that."

His Point of View will even repair animal clippers, Luby Jackson said, as they are typically made by the same companies and are basically scaled-up versions of barber's clippers.

Angela Jackson said that watching her husband put together the new business has made her proud.

"This has been a dream for him to actually come true," she said. "He has such a passion for barbers, and he wants to give them something that's just for them, because they have been overlooked in the industry for so many years. Nobody says 'come over here, we have all the intricate parts of the clippers for you,' you get a little corner with a few items.

His biggest passion has been not really for himself, but for the other barbers in the area, and they have been phenomenal in support."

His Point of View Barber Supply Store sits at 511 D North William St., next to His Point of View Barber Shop and Her Point of View Beauty Salon. You can reach the shop at 919-738-0181.