Worrell books

Clay Worrell holds two of his books, “How to Save an Addict’s Life and Keep Your Sanity” and “Facing Down My Giants.” He will have a book signing Saturday at 10:30 a.m. at the Christian Soldier Bookstore.

Goldsboro resident Clay Worrell was a successful businessman — but also an addict, who had to face depression. That all changed about 12 years ago.

Worrell now wants to help others who are in addiction through his Epic Life Solutions Regeneration Program, which is a 91-day at-home program.

To further help others dealing with addiction and depression, Worrell has written “How to Save an Addict’s Life and Keep Your Sanity” and “Facing Down My Giants.”

He will have a book signing Saturday from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. at the Christian Soldier Bookstore at 321 N. Berkeley Blvd., with his wife, Felicia Worrell. He will give a 10% discount on his books, or you may take your own book.

Worrell wrote “How to Save an Addict’s Life and Keep Your Sanity” to help people advise a loved one or friend about addiction.

“Also, to inform them of the behaviors of the addict and how to effectively and safely deal with them,” he said. “It not only informs the reader about addiction and the user, but how to have an effective intervention and save the addict’s life.”

He said “Facing Down My Giants” is his biography.

“But it’s designed to show the reader there is hope when dealing with depression and addiction,” Worrell said. “To absolutely reveal they are not hopeless. The world has a plan, we have a plan, and God certainly has a plan for our lives. The question becomes, whose plan are you following? In everyday words, I describe a beautiful and loving walk with the Lord.”

Worrell and his wife are both counselors and founders of Epic Life Solutions Regeneration Program.

“It is now endorsed in 185 countries around the world and highly utilized,” he said. He said their passion and life’s mission is to help people overcome hurt, habits and hangups and help them find the abundant life full of love, peace and joy.

Worrell knows all about addiction and depression as a successful businessman who went through it.

His family and friends considered him hopeless. He went through 25-plus detox units, 20-plus hospitals, four failed inpatient programs, 10-plus jails, 90 days in prison, three suicide attempts and 19 broken bones. He was shot in the head point-blank with a 9-millimeter gun, clinically dead three times, homeless, hopeless and broken.

“After more than 12 years in addiction and going through countless programs, the cycle was finally broken,” he said.

“I haven’t had a bad day in more than seven years,” Worrell said. “I am living proof there is hope.”

Worrell found that by applying the keys to the inpatient and outpatient programs he attended and adding a structured way to put Christ in the center of his life was his breakthrough.

His Epic Life Solutions Regeneration Program is an at-home program. It comes with 91 messages sent to the person’s phone or other device. It also comes with a personal recovery coach.

“There are 13 topics covered in 13 weeks,” Worrell said. “The vital life-giving messages are the individual’s for life. And there is a power pack consisting of 12 pieces of critical material.”

Worrell said that statistics show that people forget 98.5% of what they hear in two weeks. So he — and other addicts — were forgetting what they needed for long-term recovery.

“Epic Life Solutions is radically changing lives because it meets the individuals where they are,” he said. “Instead of relapsing, they are given the material needed to keep and reflect on as needed throughout life.”

Worrell and his wife live in Goldsboro with their two daughters, Felicity and Zoey.

For more information about the book signing Saturday, call the Christian Soldier at 919-751-0665.