The Goldsboro Police Department has arrested and charged:

•Lindsey Danielle Shoemaker, 37, East Main Street, Fremont, misdemeanor simple possession of schedule IV controlled substance, possession of heroin, $2,500 bond.

•Darryl Allen Jr., 33, Castlegate Drive, Raleigh, driving while impaired, $7,500 bond.

•D’Keya Maleka, 27, Hamilton Drive, reckless driving to endangeer, $1,500 bond.

•Elimas Velazquez, 26, Hines Drive, driving while impaired, $3,000 bond.

•Lynwood Ray Suggs, 41, streets of Goldsboro, two counts of second degree trespassing, panhandling, $500 bond.

•Rochelle Jane Cabell, 32, Annabelle Street, hit and run, property damage, $1,000 bond.

•Aukwanzza Lemondria Hocutt, 21, Hugh Street, robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery with dangerous weapon, $75,000 bond.

•Antonio Lamont Strickland, 44, Nocketchee Drive, Athens, Georgia, driving while impaired, resisting public officer, $2,500 bond.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office has arrested and charged:

•Charles Bean, 57, possession of methamphetamine, $1,000 bond.

•Tommy Whaley, 63, Forrest Knolls Road, felony possession of cocaine, $2,500 bond.