Goldsboro police are investigating how a man died after bystanders tried unsuccessfully to revive him in an alleyway behind Coor’s Pharmacy on Wayne Memorial Drive on Monday afternoon.

Police are investigating how a Goldsboro man died Monday afternoon, however, neither the police chief or the major of investigations are willing to discuss the case.

Police found Jermaine Faison, 43, of Goldsboro, dead outside Coor’s Pharmacy, 1103 Wayne Memorial Drive, according to a Goldsboro Police Department incident report.

Chip Ellison, Coor’s Pharmacy owner, said Faison was taken to the pharmacy in a truck by a customer who asked staff to call 911.

Ellison said the customer was driving along Royall Avenue when he was flagged down by another man who asked if he could get Faison to a hospital.

The unidentified customer agreed and Ellison said that while on the way to the hospital, the customer stopped at the pharmacy so he could call 911 and get help.

Ellison said when the customer arrived at the pharmacy, Faison’s body was moved from the truck to an alleyway behind the pharmacy so that Ellison and his staff could render aid until paramedics arrived but unfortunately, the man could not be saved.

“He just pulled up by the drive-thru and asked us to call and we went out and (the body was) right there on the edge of our parking lot,” Ellison said. “When we got 911 on the phone, we went out and checked, and I started working compressions, and EMS was there within a couple of minutes, and they took over from there.”

Faison could not be saved though, Ellison said.

“It’s a terrible situation, and it’s a terrible loss, but the person was trying to do the right thing in trying to get the victim help,” Ellison said. “It seems like a crazy movie to me, and it’s just a terrible thing that the man didn’t make it, but we did what we could, and he did his best to try to get the man help.”

Goldsboro police reported that when Faison was placed in the vehicle, before he was taken to the pharmacy, the man who flagged the pharmacy customer down fled the scene.

Ellison said he could not pinpoint exactly where Faison was found but that it wasn’t far from the pharmacy.

“Apparently, it was somewhere close to our location, maybe a block or two away, I’m not exactly sure,” Ellison said.

Ellison said Wayne County Emergency Medical Services staff worked on Faison for a while and that the man didn’t have any visibly apparent injuries like a stabbing or shooting victim would have and that he didn’t see any blood.

Goldsboro police said in a news release that the circumstances surrounding Faison’s death are under investigation, but the incident report listed the death as suspicious.

Goldsboro Police Department Maj. Anthony Carmon and Police Chief Mike West refused to comment on the case or answer questions submitted by a News Argus reporter.

Information in the news release conflicted with the incident report, including what time police responded to the scene and Faison’s address, which was erroneously reported by the police department as 904 S. Taylor St.

A man who lives at that address told a reporter Tuesday that he has no idea who Faison is or why Faison’s address is listed as 904 S. Taylor St.

Carmon wrote in an email, “904 S. Taylor St. was the last known address in the Record Management System. This address may have been self-reported during any law enforcement contact. I cannot attest to the accuracy of the address.”

LaToya Henry, Goldsboro public information officer, also refused to answer questions, citing an ongoing investigation.

“This is an active investigation,” Henry wrote in an email. “GPD will not give specific details if they feel that doing so will compromise an investigation. If there are updates that need to be made to the release, we will work to correct and/or clarify that information as soon as we can.”

Henry also tried to dismiss the time and address discrepancies in the news release and incident report and suggested the reporter simply put what was in the news release or incident report, despite both documents having conflicting information.

Carmon defended the police department leadership’s refusal to answer questions or discuss the case and issued the following statement in capital letters in an email:

“The Goldsboro Police Department works cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the United States Constitution and North Carolina law to protect the well-being and enhance the quality of life of our residents and visitors.”