Wayne County Sheriff Larry Pierce confirmed Wednesday old cases handled by a former employee are part of a federal investigation.

Pierce was made aware of the investigation several months ago and said the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is cooperating with federal authorities.

Details of the investigation were not disclosed.

“Several months ago, we were made aware of a federal investigation involving old cases that were handled by a prior employee,” Pierce wrote in a prepared statement. “We have fully cooperated with the investigation and will continue to cooperate with authorities as requested.

“At this time, we are unaware of the status of this investigation and can’t comment further until the investigation is completed.”

The federal agency involved in the investigation was not mentioned.

Joel Gillie, Wayne County public information officer, did not comment on details of the case, such as when the investigation started, what led the investigation to start, and which former employee is being investigated.

“We are cooperating with the federal investigation and nothing further can be released,” Gillie said.

Sheriff’s Maj. Richard Lewis was not available for comment.

Shelly Lynch, Federal Bureau of Investigation public affairs specialist, did not confirm if the FBI is involved.

“Per Department of Justice policy, the FBI can neither confirm nor deny the existence of investigations,” Lynch said.

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