After 25 years in the barbershop business, Rico Cox has set out on his own.

Cox, with fellow barber Otis Anderson, opened Major League Barbershop at 2419 E. Ash St., suite three in April. Having spent his entire career at barbershops in Goldsboro, Cox said he had a good idea of the kind of business he wanted to create.

"I see the barbershop as kind of a men's country club," he said. "You can go and relax, watch sports and talk about sports, and get your hair cut."

To that end, the shop has a sports theme, from the name to the decorations to the TV's playing ESPN. The atmosphere has translated into a group of regulars who patronize the barbershop, some of whom sat in the main room talking to each other about their favorite football teams.

"Business is good, though we're always looking for it to be better," Cox said. "We have lots of regulars, some of these guys who are here now."

Cox said that he loves the challenge of being self-employed, and took him about a year to get Major League open once he decided to strike out on his own. He had to find the right location, order and install his barber's chairs, and then set up the TV's for customers to watch sports on. Now, with the shop in full swing, he offers haircuts in all styles, eyebrow arches, beard trims and more. Cox intends to open up a beauty salon for women in the rear area of the shop, and to eventually turn Major League into a multi-location franchise.

For now, however, Cox is just grateful to have the customers he has.

"The thing is, there are so many shops in Goldsboro, you could go anywhere," he said. "So for people to choose to come in to my shop, that's a blessing to me."