A lockdown at Berkeley Mall today proved to be a misunderstanding, but the Goldsboro Police Department is thankful for a citizen's concern.

Capt. LeAnn Rabun said a call came out at 1:30 p.m. from a woman who told officers a child had been taken around the mall against the child's will.

Rabun said police responded along with North Carolina Highway Patrol and Wayne County Sheriff's Office with the K-9 unit. She said officers arrived at each entrance of the mall.

She said officers walked through each of the stores and looked in fitting rooms and bathrooms. Rabun said video footage showed a child and a group of people entering J.C. Penney Co.

The store was placed on lockdown for 15 minutes while K-9 officers searched the store.

But Rabun said after an hour of viewing video footage, it was determined that the child was a teenager who was in an argument with people. Rabun could not confirm how many people were with the teenager after the group dispersed once police arrived.

"It was discovered it was an acquaintance dispute," she said. "I think the good Samaritan caught the tail end of it. We're glad she called."

Rabun said the woman happened to walk by the group arguing at "a very inopportune time and got the worst impression," she said.

She said officers were still glad the woman reported the possible incident.

"Thankfully it wasn't a bad situation as was relayed to us," Rabun said. "If they (community) ever see anything, please call. The more help we can get from the community, the better it makes us."