A Goldsboro man will spend a minimum of 25 to 35 years in prison after pleading guilty in Wayne County Superior Court this month to first-degree rape of a child.

Lamar McNeese, 23, of 700 N. Spence Ave. M-4, was sentenced to a range of 300 to 420 months for the offense.

Assistant District Attorney Abbie Williams, who prosecuted the case, said the inappropriate sexual relationship came to light when the girl contracted a sexually transmitted disease from McNeese.

Williams said the young girl's mother took her to Goldsboro Pediatrics, where she was diagnosed with the STD. At that point, the child disclosed that McNeese has been doing "some very inappropriate things to her," Williams said.

The Goldsboro Police Department launched an investigation.

"GPD investigated the case, talked to McNeese and was able to get some medical records on him and found that he also had the same sexually transmitted disease," Williams said. "That backed up what the little girl was saying."

The defense did not present its side of the case, instead opting to go straight to sentencing, Williams said.

McNeese was charged with several other things after the offense happened in late 2015, and Williams said the charge he pleaded to was the most severe of the lot.