A man fell four feet off the Waffle House roof Wednesday afternoon while repairing the air conditioner.

Assistant Chief James Farfour with the Goldsboro Fire Department said the man fell from one level of the roof to another at the Waffle House, located at 2000 Wayne Memorial Drive, at 12:40 p.m.

Farfour said the man complained of some injuries.

The fire department lifted the ladder to the roof where firemen checked the man for spinal or neck injuries. They then strapped the man to a stokes basket and descended the ladder to place the man on a stretcher.

"He was complaining of some injuries, but we're going to err to the side of caution," Farfour said.

Wayne County EMS took the man to Wayne Memorial Hospital.

A fireman said the man was wearing a Waffle House shirt, and he said the man could possibly work for the restaurant.