The Goldsboro Police Department is investigating after an unknown suspect kicked in the door to a home on New Hope Road and robbed the owner Thursday, according to an incident report.

According to the report, late Thursday night the victim noticed a man standing outside his home with a white T-shirt wrapped around his head.

Soon after, the victim heard rustling in the fallen leaves around his home and then a knock at the front door.

As the victim approached the door, the suspect kicked it in, pointing a black handgun at the victim and forcing him to the ground.

According to the report, the suspect pinned the victim's head to the ground with his foot and threatened to kill the victim if they moved. The suspect then took the victim's cell phone, driver's license, debit card and keys to the victim's rental car. The suspect then fled on foot.

According to the report, the victim reported seeing another armed suspect outside the home when the first suspect kicked in the door. The second suspect did not enter the home.