Christopher Kreske, chief pilot for MIL2ATP, poses with one of the aircraft at the flight school that has been recognized for its excellence in flight training by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

MIL2ATP Inc. has been recognized for its excellence in flight training by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the world’s largest aviation association.

The flight school, based at the Wayne Executive Jetport, has been awarded the title of 2018 Best Flight School in the Southeast.

It is the only flight school in the Southeast to earn this recognition.

AOPA’s Flight Training Experience Awards were created to highlight the best flight training the industry has to offer.

“We were excited to see how many customers described our winners this year as including them as part of a family and helping them join a rich aviation community,” said Chris Moser, senior director, flight training education of AOPA’s Flight Training Initiative. “Giving the personal touch, in addition to providing great flight training, is something we know helps create lifelong pilots.”

MIL2ATP Inc. is a veteran-owned and operated business, and every employee has had an affiliation with the U.S. Air Force.

MIL2ATP’s chief pilot, Christopher Kreske, is a retired F-15E pilot who now flies for the airlines.

Following his own transition from the Strike Eagle at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base to a major airline in 2015, Kreske opened MIL2ATP to assist other military pilots with the transition.

MIL2ATP’s military-to-airlines course features partnerships with premier companies such as Delta Air Lines, Emerald Coast Interview Consulting and CheckedandSet.net to ensure military pilots are ready for an interview when the time comes.

They even have an FAA-certified aeromedical examiner on staff who can perform Class 1 flight physicals.

“The foundation of this company is taking care of military pilots when they start their civilian aviation careers, both by providing world-class flight instruction and by ensuring every detail of training is handled with the utmost care,” Kreske said.

“This award really belongs to our office staff. We are honored that so many of our students took the time to share their experiences with AOPA.”

The 2018 awards were drawn from flight students and pilots who voluntarily reviewed their flight training experience last summer through an AOPA online customer satisfaction survey.

The process yielded an evaluation of 954 different flight schools and 1,849 individual flight instructors.

Information about MIL2ATP’s flight training is available at www.mil2atp.com.