Mount Olive police opened an investigation after a Carver Elementary School custodian was found dead in her car Friday morning.

Linda Ross, 63, of Rainer Mill Road, Mount Olive, opened Carver Elementary early Friday morning to prepare for school, said Tommy Brown, Mount Olive chief of police. Ross then returned to her car to drive to the opposite end of campus.

Ross died sometime after returning to her car, Brown said. A co-worker arriving at the school saw Ross’ car in an odd place in the parking lot and went to check on her.

“We feel like it was natural causes,” Brown said. “It’s just the way it happened.

“It was just an unfortunate incident.”

An autopsy was conducted locally in Wayne County and it was determined Ross’ cause of death was natural, Brown said. The medical examiner did not elaborate on whether Ross died of a medical emergency such as a heart attack, Brown said. The Mount Olive Police Department closed the investigation after the cause of death was determined.