Filing for public office opened Friday at the Wayne County Board of Elections. The 23 who made their intentions to seek a seat on a council or board include:

• Fremont: Mayor, Darron Flowers (incumbent); Aldermen District 3, Ricky Mozingo; Alderman District 4, Harold Cuddington.

• Goldsboro: Mayor, Chuck Allen (incumbent); Council District 1, Zachary E. Lilly; Council District 2, Bill Broadaway (incumbent) and Kevin Maurice Stallings; Council District 3, Taj J. Polack; Council District 4 Sadie M. Simmons; Council District 5, David Ham (incumbent) and Jermaine Dawson; Council District 6, Gene Aycock (incumbent) and David L. Craig.

• Mount Olive: Mayor, Joe Scott (incumbent); at-large Commissioner, Steve Wiggins, (incumbent); District 1 Commissioner, Vicky Darden (incumbent); Commissioner District 2, Harlie Carmichael Jr. (incumbent); District 3 Commissioner, Barbara Kornegay (incumbent); and District 4 Commissioner, Dennis Draper (incumbent).

• Pikeville: At-large Commissioner, Robert Hooks (incumbent).

• Fork Township Sanitary District: Two member seats, Beverly Perkins Keen (incumbent).

• Southern Wayne Sanitary District: Three member seats, Efton Sager (incumbent).

• Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District: All five member seats, Ruby Gail Minchew (incumbent).