Come Sunday, you will see a change in our comics lineup. We will say goodbye to some favorite strips and hello to some new friends. The new friends include some classic comics as well as some others you may not yet have heard of but will quickly get to know.

The new comics will include: Baby Blues, Bizarro, Curtis, Dustin, Fort Knox, Funky Winkerbean, Hi & Lois, Lockhorns, Pickles, Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids, Zits.

Baby Blues focuses on the MacPherson family and specifically on the raising of the three MacPherson children.

Bizarro gives an eccentric, exaggerated and, as the name implies, bizarre look at everyday life.

Curtis mostly involves the title character, Curtis, getting in trouble at home and school, trying in many attempts to make his father, Greg, quit smoking, trying to win the heart of aspiring diva singer Michelle and stuffing his face.

Dustin is a 23-year-old college graduate who has failed to find regular employment in the current economy after graduating and thus moved back home to live with his parents.

Fort Knox centers on the life of the Knox family: Major Joe Knox, his wife Jane Knox and his two sons, Donald and Wesley. The family has moved to fictional Fort Lincoln, where they must adjust to a new base, a new town and a new school.

Funky Winkerbean, the title character, has been around since March 27, 1972, and the strip has gone through several format changes. For the first 20 years of its run, the characters did not age, and the strip was nominally episodic as opposed to a serial, with humor derived from visual gags and the eccentricity of the characters.

Hi & Lois are typical middle-class American suburbanites. Their names are a pun on the “opposite” terms of “high and low.” Hi is a sales manager; Lois, the sister of comic superstar Beetle Bailey, is a real estate agent. They have four children.

The Lockhorns are married couple Leroy and Loretta Lockhorn, and they constantly argue. They demonstrate their mutual deep-seated hatred by making humorously sarcastic comments on each other’s failings as spouses.

Pickles the strip describes the efforts of Earl and Opal Pickles, both in their 70s, as they strive to enjoy retirement, which instead proves quite imperfect for both.

Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids regularly features a logic puzzle presented in a single panel. Slylock, an anthropomorphic fox detective, is constantly matching wits against a variety of criminals, including Count Weirdly, Shady Shrew and Slick Smitty.

Zits, set in central Ohio suburbia, centers on Jeremy as he tries to balance his family life, social life, the academic demands of high school and his plans for the future, often with a heavy dose of surrealism, making it stand out from being just a typical teenager cartoon strip.

Starting Monday, new strips will be available for readers to enjoy each day. Please look through the new Sunday and daily strips and tell us what you think by emailing