When you walk in the door at The Discount Barrel, you're already saving money, say owners and managers Tom Cosner and Jesse Cowger.

It's a discount store, yes, but it's not a thrift store or a consignment shop. Everything is new, the men said.

The business, at 334 N. Spence Avenue, offers quality and name-brand items, or "high end at lower end prices," said Cowger.

The store features clothing, shoes, furniture, home decor, general merchandise, bedding and curtains, with a smattering of things in-between.

"It's really a mixture of everything. We've had jokes that we've had everything but the kitchen sink, but then we got some kitchen sinks," Cosner said with a laugh. "We also had stoves, which sell for like $1,300 and we sold it for like $500.

"Week to week it can differ because one week we might get a bunch of clothing and the next week we might get a bunch of furniture and the next week we might get a little bit of both. We don't even know what's coming until it's here so it's a surprise for me, too."

They purchase inventory directly from several retailers. Products come from overstock, end of season and shelf pulls, with the eclectic store described as being similar to Ollie's or TJ Maxx but on a smaller scale.

"We're able to purchase in bulk and have contracts with retailers and we're able to pass those savings on to the consumer," Cosner said. "The way that our system works, every item that comes through the door to us, we scan it, we look it up online, we try to find the absolute lowest retail price. We cut that price by at least 50 percent.

"Everything is at least half of what you would go to the retail store and pay."

As an example of what can be found during a visit to the store, the owners shared a few items to illustrate the price range.

"We get barstools in a lot -- they will retail from $100-200," Cosner said. "We currently have one the retail value is $120 to $130. We're selling the three-piece set for $60. That is a huge difference off of the retail.

"Bedding, which starts at $14.99, up to king size, which is $39.99, and some of those retail upwards of $300."

Light fixtures. Alarm clocks. Carpeting.

Even designer men's ties, which might retail at $55 -- $12.99 at The Discount Barrel.

The men actually started out their venture on a small scale, just as a hobby, purchasing from outlet stores and selling them exclusively online.

But then the business grew and grew.

They came to Goldsboro and spent several months looking for the right retail space to sell their wares.

The direction may be contradictory to the landscape often seen these days, with consumers heading online to save money.

"We're going backwards -- we started our business online and now have a store," Cosner said with a laugh. "I think going back to brick and mortar is a good thing because you're going to the community."

The partners said they are thrilled to be operating a business in Goldsboro and have been well received already in the short time since the business opened.

"It's good to be back with people," Cosner said. "We have regular customers who are great, and we like the sense of community."

"The community's been great and the people are great," Cowger said. "Selling online you really don't have that connection or you don't hear from any of the people. You just put a label on the item and send it out."

As merchandise options change and the shelves are restocked, or if there is a sale, the men post pictures on the business Facebook page.

Typically that is done on Sunday.

"Mondays are the best days -- we'll have people lined up when we open, because we have more time to stock, Cosner said.

Basically, everyone likes a deal and saving money does not go out of style, the men said.

That bodes well for such a business venture.

"We're a small business. We're not big-box and that means a lot to the people here that we are a small business," Cosner said. "We're individuals and we have huge discounts. And everything in the store is new, that's a huge thing."

Hours are Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. until 8 p.m.