FREMONT -- No one was injured when the roof of an unoccupied building collapsed at the corner of Main Street and Sycamore Street in Fremont Monday morning.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m., said town administrator Barbara Aycock. The building in question sits across the street from the BB&T bank adjacent to Fremont Town Hall on Main Street.

"We heard a bang, I thought someone had hit something," Aycock said. "No one was hurt, thank God."

Aycock said that decay in the roof line was likely to blame for the collapse. County inspectors have condemned the building, she said, and the town will consult with an engineer today to find the safest way to bring the building down.

That effort must be done carefully, as the condemned building shares a wall with several other structures along the north side of Main Street. Those buildings could also be at risk of collapsing if the condemned building is not demolished safely.

In the mean time, a section of Sycamore Street around the collapse will be blocked off until town officials are certain is it safe for people to be nearby.