The town of Pikeville's old Town Hall trailer is available for acquisition, according to a notice posted on the town's website.

The town moved their operations from the trailer, which sits at 100 W. School St., to another trailer directly across from it in April of 2016, after mold in the previous trailer made it unsafe for use.

According to the notice, the town found little to no value in the old trailer, and thus decided that to give up ownership of the trailer to anyone who could take the structure as-is.

Town Administrator Michael Hunt said the trailer would not turn any sort of profit if sold.

"We've been told by our town that it's essentially worthless," he said. "Best case scenario, if you sold the scrap, you could maybe make $100."

With no use for the structure and no profit possible from its sale, the town is hoping that someone with more use for the trailer will take it off their hands.

Anyone interested in taking the trailer must read, acknowledge and sign an Indemnity and Holds Harmless Agreement stating that the acquirer is aware of the mold in the trailer and accepts the trailer as-is. The person taking the trailer must also agree to take on the cost of moving the structure themselves, as well as pay a $25 acquisition fee.

Whoever acquires the trailer must take it as-is, with no assistance from the town in moving it. The acquirer must take the structure all the way outside the towns limits as well as it's extra-territorial jurisdiction.

No one has yet come forward with any interest in the trailer, Hunt said. Anyone who wishes to take the trailer can contact the Pikeville Town Hall at 919-242-5126.