Goldsboro police are investigating three weekend motor vehicle larcenies.

On Saturday morning, an unknown suspect stole a utility trailer holding three dirt bikes parked in the parking lot of the Best Western Plus on Spence Avenue, according to police reports.

Mark Klimenko, 20, of Harrisonburg, Virginia, said he and his friends, Sergey Lukashuk, 40, also of Harrisonburg, Virginia, and Phillip Shumeyko, 22, of Rockingham, Virginia, drove more than four hours to ride dirt bikes at Busco Beach in Goldsboro. He said they drive to the park three to four times a year to ride dirt bikes on a nice weekend, but their recent trip was cut short.

Early Saturday morning, Klimenko said he and his friends discovered that someone unhitched the utility trailer carrying their dirt bikes from their truck and drove off.

“It’s looks like they (the suspect) planned it out,” Klimenko said. “I really hope someone finds them.”

The suspect stole one yellow 2016 Yamaha YZ250F dirt bike, valued at $6,000; one blue 2012 Yamaha YZ250 dirt bike, valued at $6,000; one yellow 2014 Suzuki RMZ250 dirt bike, valued at $6,000; and one utility trailer, valued at $3,000. The dirt bikes and trailer were worth a total $21,000.

Klimenko said two of the dirt bikes were purchased “basically brand-new” two years ago and were priced $8,000 each, and the trailer that was stolen belonged to a friend who was not on the trip. Altogether, Klimenko said he has spent at least $20,000 on his dirt bike.

“I’m really sad,” Klimenko said. “I’ve never had $20,000 stolen from me like that.”

Goldsboro police are also investigating two vehicle thefts that took place on Sunday on Alabama Avenue and North Drive.

On Sunday morning, Eleanor Spruill Walker reported that her black 2005 Cadillac Escalade was stolen from underneath her carport on North Drive, according to a police report. Walker told police she started the car around 9 a.m. to let it warm up while she got ready for church. When she returned, the vehicle was gone. The report estimated the car is worth around $9,000.

Later Sunday night, officers responded to a call about a stolen vehicle that was found wrecked. According to police reports, Tia Jones discovered her car was stolen from her driveway on Alabama Avenue. She told officers that she went looking for the vehicle when she discovered it missing and found it in a vacant lot along the 200 block of North Kornegay Street.

During that time, officers were investigating a hit and run on Olivia Lane and later determined the stolen vehicle was involved in the hit and run. The vehicle was returned to Jones, officers said.