Beatrice Jones filed Thursday to challenge Al Lewis for the District 1 alderman seat in Fremont — the first race so far in that town.

Several candidates filed for sanitary districts including: Northwestern Wayne, incumbents Walter F. Bridgers and Danny Keith Tillman; Southern Wayne, Scott T. Ingram; and Southwestern Wayne, incumbents David A. Bennett and Jimmy Cox.

Filings for public office continue through July 19 until noon at the Wayne County Board of Elections office, at 309 E. Chestnut St.

Candidates who have filed through Thursday for the nonpartisan municipal or sanitary district offices up for election in November include:


• Mayor, Chuck Allen, incumbent.

• Council District 1, Zachary E. Lilly.

• Council District 2, Bill Broadaway, incumbent; Kelvin Maurice Stallings.

• Council District 3, Taj J. Polack.

• Council District 4, Sadie Baldwin Simmons; Brandi N. Matthews.

• Council District 5, David Ham, incumbent; Jermaine Dawson.

• Council District 6, Gene Aycock, incumbent; David L. Craig.


• Mayor, W. Darron Flowers, incumbent.

• Alderman District 1, Al Lewis, incumbent; Beatrice Jones.

• Alderman District 2, Leon Mooring, incumbent.

• Alderman District 3, Ricky Mozingo.

• Alderman District 4, Harold Cuddington; Joyce Monica Artis, incumbent.

• Alderman District 5, Joyce C. Reid, incumbent.

• Alderman District 6, Annie Lewis, incumbent.

Mount Olive

• Mayor, Joe Scott, incumbent.

• At-large Commissioner, Steve Wiggins, incumbent.

• Commissioner District 1, Vicky Darden, incumbent; Andrade Oliver.

• Commissioner District 2, Harlie Carmichael, incumbent.

• Commissioner District 3, Barbara Ross Kornegay, incumbent.

• Commissioner District 4, Dennis Draper, incumbent.


• Commissioner, at-large seats, Robert Hooks, incumbent; Steve West, incumbent.

Walnut Creek

• Mayor Danny Jackson, incumbent commissioner.

• Cynthia Fallin Dupuy, incumbent commissioner.

Fork Township Sanitary District, two member seats

• Beverly Perkins Keen, incumbent; Andy G. Hartley, incumbent; Tony McCabe.

Northwestern Wayne Sanitary District

• Walter F. Bridgers and Danny Keith Tillman, both incumbents.

Southern Wayne Sanitary District, three member seats

• Efton Sager, incumbent; Thomas Gainey; Scott T. Ingram.

Southwestern Wayne Sanitary District, all five member seats

• Gail Porter Minchew, incumbent; Daryll E. Overton, incumbent; Kelly Hughes; Jimmy Cox, incumbent; David A. Bennett, incumbent.