If you are planning a stay at Cliffs of the Neuse State Park, you'll notice some big changes at the family campground.

Renovations on existing campsites began June 1 and are expected to be completed by Nov. 1. In addition, three cabins were added to the campgrounds.

"We had 34 campsites to begin with," said Cliffs superintendent Ed Wilkerson. "We have 15 sites total that have been improved. Twelve of those have been upgraded to have dedicated wastewater, water and electricity.

"The division's goal was to expand the camping facilities so they are more attractive to RV campers because they are looking for the amenities such as electricity and water to hand their RV."

The tent sites that were not renovated all have shared water and access to the park's dump station.

But the biggest change is the addition of three cabins in the family campground. They have water and electricity, but no wastewater. Cabin campers will have to use the existing bathhouse.

One of the cabins is handicapped accessible in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Wilkerson said.

"The cabins are a way that we can attract families that might have been inclined not to camp because of bad weather or maybe they don't have camping gear accessible," he said. "It gives somebody a more convenient way to go camping sort of on a whim instead of having to pack the whole truck.

"And it gives families that might have not planned to do something on a particular weekday or weekend an option that is a little bit quicker and easier."

No pets are allowed in any of the cabins.

Wilkerson said that each campsite and cabin comes with a combination campfire ring and grill and also has a lantern hanger.

Pets are allowed in the regular campsites, but must be on a 6-foot leash. At night, they must be kept inside the tent or the vehicle.

The cabins rent for $58 per night.

Campsites with water and electricity are $26 per night Sunday through Thursday, $30 per night Friday and Saturday and $36 per night on holidays.

Campsites without electricity are $18 per night Sunday through Thursday and $20 per night Friday and Saturday.

There is a $6 discount per night for seniors 62 and older and all active duty and retired military.

The family campground is open year round.

The renovations were don through a bond referendum for the Cliffs. The contractor was Omega Development out of Aberdeen, who put in a bid for between $639,000 and $655,000. David Lane was director of construction and his son Josh Lane was onsite supervisor.

"We will be renovating the existing bathhouse in the family campground as a cost saving measure instead of razing that building and building an entirely new one," Wilkerson said.

"We're making it ADA compliant, too. Renovation construction should start sometime before the end of 2018."

He said once the bathhouse is finished, the entire campgrounds will be ADA compliant.

"That's the goal of the park system," Wilkerson said, "to make sure that nobody's excluded."