Some of Goldsboro’s bumpiest streets could get repaved in the coming fiscal year if city officials can agree on funding.

The city engineering staff will present a 2019-20 resurfacing list to city council Monday with 41 projects that could cost roughly $2.9 million.

Marty Anderson, city engineer, said the funding was more than is available at this time but the work is needed on sections of 19 streets in all of the city’s six districts.

Some of the larger projects include sections of Devereaux Street in District 1; Walnut Street, District 2; Hooks River Road, District 3; Rosewood Avenue, District 4; Claiborne Street, District 5; and Scotty Drive in District 6.

The list was first presented to city council earlier this year, Anderson said.

“We ride every one of those streets, and those are the worst of the worse, Anderson said. “We also try to divvy up the work in the districts so everyone gets a piece of the pie. Some districts have many more horrible streets than other districts. But we can only do with what we’ve got.”

Meanwhile, last year’s resurfacing projects are still not complete and have stalled, Anderson said.

“It’s about 75 percent done,” he said. “But we’re still waiting on railroad encroachment permits. It’s taking longer than it should have.”

If the same contractor doing resurfacing work on last year’s street projects provides the low bid on the 2019-20 projects, that work could begin in the fall and be finished by spring, Anderson said.

Another project for consideration Monday is a low bid of $609,596 from BridgePoint Civil LLC to make street paving improvements on Oak Hill Drive from North Berkeley Boulevard to Green Drive and East Chestnut Street from South Slocumb Street to South Leslie Street.

That project will include repaving about 2,200 square yards of pavement with 600 linear feet of stormwater lines, 400 linear feet of water line, 400 linear feet of sanitary sewer line and 1,000 linear feet of concrete curb and gutter, according to the city.