The Flying Shamrock hosted its annual Kilt Run Saturday in celebration of St. Patrick's Day and to help raise money for Riley's Army.

For the fourth year, runners dressed in their kilts came to downtown Goldsboro for a great cause. The event was held at the Flying Shamrock located at 115 N. John St.

All money raised will help support families in eastern North Carolina that have a child who has been diagnosed with cancer.

The registration fee for the run was $20.

Runners ran one lap around the block, then came back to the starting point where they were given a cup of green beer to drink before taking another lap.

Coming in first place was Greg Lund, and the first woman to finish the race was Angie Boyette.

The events allow participants time to explore all that downtown Goldsboro has to offer. Flying Shamrock owners Cameron and Christopher Yones, said they enjoy bringing the community together for such a festive day.

"It's all about bringing people together for a good time," Christopher said.

A sign in green letters placed in the front of the restaurant read "There are only two kinds of people in the world -- the Irish and those who wish they were."

A head shaving event that was held after the Kilt Run was also an avenue to raise money for Riley's Army.

Nathan Jarrett, who took part in this event, said his family has been affected by childhood cancer.

"When you put things into perspective, this is something that is easy to do," he said.

He drove in from Charlotte to be a part of the events for the day.

Tonya Jarrett said that taking part in St. Patrick's Day events is just a lot of fun, along with being able to socialize with a host of people.

"Anything to help out the community we are totally for," Cameron said.

She said that being able to give back to Riley's Army is personal for her as she had a friend who's son battled with cancer as a child.

About Riley's Army:

The mission of Riley's Army is to provide support to children with cancer and their families living in eastern North Carolina. The organization is named after Riley, who was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2006. It was during this time that her family received an outpouring of support from volunteers, that became known as Rilye's Army. Riley passed away on May 25, 2011, at the age of 10.