Wayne County sheriff's deputies arrested a convicted sexual predator reportedly on the run from Maryland law enforcement in Pikeville Tuesday.

Gary McGlothlin Jr., 51, was picked up on a fugitive warrant and is being held without bond as he awaits extradition.

McGlothlin allegedly fled parole in early June after serving part of a sentence in Maryland for multiple sex offenses. Information on what those offenses were or how much of his sentence he served was not immediately available.

Law enforcement says he made his way down to North Carolina, and he was picked up Tuesday at 316 Carla Ann Drive in Pikeville.

The Sheriff's Office estimates he was only at that location for 24 to 48 hours.

Capt. Shawn Harris said someone tipped off law enforcement that he was at the house, which belongs to a family member.

The Sheriff's Office sent a plain clothes drug squad officer there in an unmarked car, who then knocked on the door to see if he was home, Harris said.

Harris said when he wasn't inside the house, they checked the backyard and found him in a shelter behind the house.