A Charles B. Aycock High School student admitted to deputies he was smoking marijuana in the hallway after an officer saw a cloud of smoke and smelled marijuana, according to a report filed with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

Michael Remondie Evans Jr., 18, of 1423 Hooks Road, Fremont, was cited for simple possession of marijuana, said Maj. Tom Effler with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

The report said School Resource Officer Constance Reeves was walking in the hallway near the school's media center when she smelled marijuana.

She continued down the hallway and saw a cloud of smoke coming from around a corner, according to the report.

Reeves saw Evans standing in the corner but could not see anything burning, but continued to smell marijuana, according to the report.

The report said Reeves tried to find a school administrator but returned to her office to check surveillance cameras.

The video showed Evans walking down the hallway and lighting a lighter and ducking around the corner where Reeves had seen him, according to the report.

Reeves then went and removed Evans from class and searched him, but he had no lighter or marijuana on his person, according to the report.

But the report said Evans then admitted to Reeves he'd flushed the lighter down a toilet and knew she would be coming to get him because of the odor of marijuana in the hallway.

Reeves spoke with other students and learned Evans had flushed marijuana down the toilet, also, the report said.