A 14-year-old was removed from class at Southern Wayne High School Wednesday after threatening to shoot up the school and bringing a knife onto the campus, according to a report filed with the Wayne County Sheriff's Office.

The report said the teenager was overheard by multiple ROTC students saying he had something at school he was not supposed to have, and when another student asked him what it was, he pulled out a lighter and knife.

Another student then said while the ROTC class was doing drills, they overheard the teenager saying to himself he had thought about being a "mass murderer," many times and "thought about shooting up the school," the report said.

Another student told authorities they'd heard him say the same thing on the bus when several other kids were calling him names, and the teenager then flicked open the knife and threatened to cut them, the report said.

The teenager was removed from class, and the assistant principal searched him and found the lighter and knife, according to the report.

The report said the teenager claimed he found the items in the student parking lot, but his mother was called to the school and she told authorities he had brought it from home.

The teenager's mother took him to Waynesboro Family Clinic for evaluation, and the student was charged with possessing a weapon on a school campus and referred to teen court, according to the report.