Wayne County's seven municipalities will receive a total of $604,007.58 in October through the annual state street-aid (Powell Bill) allocation.

The funds are distributed to qualified municipalities in two allocations on or before Oct. 1 and on or before Jan. 1.

The October allocations, with the total yearly allocation in parentheses, are

* Eureka: $2,906.93 (5,813.89).

* Fremont: $21,823.36 ($43,647.18).

* Goldsboro: $477,315.73 ($954,637.94).

* Mount Olive: $69,005.90 ($138,012.94).

* Pikeville: $11,070.73 ($22,141.67).

* Seven Springs: $4,475.12 ($8,950.32).

* Walnut Creek: $17,409.81 ($34,820.07).

Powell Bill funding is expended primarily for resurfacing streets within the corporate limits of the municipality, but may also be used for maintaining, repairing, constructing, reconstructing or widening of local streets that are the responsibility of the municipalities, in addition to the planning, construction and maintenance of bikeways, greenways or sidewalks.

Incorporated municipalities must establish their eligibility and qualify annually by submitting a certified statement and a certified Powell Bill map to the Department of Transportation.

Also, each municipality is required by law to submit a financial statement of revenues and expenditures for the preceding fiscal year.

Powell Bill allocations are appropriated by the General Assembly to the Department of Transportation from the State Highway Fund.

There were $147,621,245.43 in total funds available this year.

State law requires that 75 percent of the funds allocated, or in this case $110,715,934.07, be divided among all qualified municipalities based on their relative 2016 estimated population.

The $ 110,715,934.07 was divided by 5,576,024 (the population of all eligible and qualified municipalities as estimated by the State Planning Officer) to produce a per capita rate of $19.8600000.

The remaining 25 percent of the funds allocated, or $36,905,311.36, was divided among all qualified municipalities on the basis of relative mileage of non-state system or local streets complying with the act.

The $36,905,311.36 was divided by 22,780.45 miles (the total length of all eligible streets as furnished by the municipalities) to produce a per mile rate of $1,620.0400000.

The first State Street-aid allocation was disbursed in 1951.