The game’s afoot and all nerds are welcome at the newly renovated Tier Zero Gaming on South Berkeley Boulevard.

A customer appreciation day to celebrate the remodeling will be from 2 to 6 p.m. Saturday featuring free tournaments, door prizes, food and stations where newcomers can learn how to play the games. 

Tier Zero Gaming, located at 207 S. Berkeley Blvd., is a haven for gamers of all ages, whether their game of choice is Magic the Gathering, the store’s mainstay, Dragon Ball Super, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon or Cardfight Vanguard.

There is even space for those who prefer Dungeons and Dragons or board games.

Along with offering gaming cards, the store stocks supplies, like dice, rolling trays and a variety of board games. There is even an area where people can try a board game before buying it to decide if they like it.

If customers want another game, the store will order for it them, if not in stock.

The store also buys and trades cards for cash or store credit and has a line of more than 130,000 single cards.

Rebecca Hanson has operated Tier Zero Gaming since October of 2010 when she purchased the business from Gamers Gathering. It has been located in several sites and has been at its current location for two years.

Up until about two weeks ago, the building was very constricted because of its layout and the business’ growth, Hanson said. Since then, a wall separating the sales and play areas and two other walls have been removed, which has opened up more space for customers.

The carpet has been replaced by new laminated flooring. Work has been done on the ceiling and lighting to make it brighter and lighter, Hanson said.

“Then, just opening it up because we are growing,” she said. “Within the the last year, we have grown tremendously. We had about 45 seating capacity before. We can seat about 75 now. I have gone from a staff of two to a staff of five — three part time and two full time.”

Hanson, who has a full-time job, also works at the store on the weekend.

One of the reasons for the growth is being so close to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, she said.

Also, it is a central location in the area for gamers from other cities too gather to play, Hanson said.

Another reason for the expansion is because Wizards of the Coast, the maker of Magic the Gathering, changed how its stores are structured, Hanson said.

“Part of their conditions for being a premium store is that we have to meet certain criteria,” she said. “One of them is the TVs. We installed three 50-inch TVs. We didn’t have that previously, in addition to just having a wide open area for many people to come and play. We rebranded, got new logos. All the team members have their uniforms so to speak, and then just having the board games and a variety of things.

“We do have some structured tournaments for Magic. Tuesdays we do Commander. Wednesdays we do a draft. Thursdays we do modern. Fridays we do standard and a draft. But at any point in time, we have people who just come in, sit down and play. There is no fee to come in, sit down and play.”

Costs to play in a structured tournament are $5 or $12. The store also gives price support when each person who enters into a tournament prize pool receives one and half packs of booster cards.

The store is open Tuesday through Sunday. Hours are 2 to 10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday; 4 p.m. to midnight on Friday; noon to midnight on Saturday; and 2 to 8 p.m. on Sunday. 

For more information, call 919-947-0647, send email to or visit