The manager of Torero's Mexican Restaurant in downtown Goldsboro will spend 18 months on supervised probation after pleading guilty to simple assault in Wayne County District Court Friday.

Miguel Angel Gomez Camacho, 55, of 217 Gator Drive, pleaded guilty to the charge after a sexual battery charge filed against him in March was dismissed, according to court records.

Camacho was given a suspended 30-day jail sentence, and will serve 100 hours of community service within 180 days and pay court costs along with his probation.

He is also not allowed to have contact with the victim of the crime.

Camacho was charged with sexual battery on March 17 after the victim took out a warrant for an incident that allegedly happened March 11.

The warrant alleged Camacho committed sexual battery "by kissing his victim and feeling of her breast and grinding his pelvis against her pelvic area."

There was no indication on the warrant as to where the incident happened.

While that case from March is now settled, Camacho is still facing another sexual battery charge that was filed against him in October.

In that case, the warrant taken out against him on Oct. 13 alleged Camacho committed sexual battery on Oct. 12 by "grabbing victims (sic) face and forcefully pulling into his face to kiss her (the abrupt contact resulted in her earring cutting her ear)."

The warrant does not specify where the alleged incident took place. Camacho was charged with sexual battery for that incident on Oct. 16.

He has since denied the allegations against him.

Camacho was given a $1,000 unsecured bond on that charge.

He is scheduled to appear in Wayne County District Court on Jan. 1, 2018.