Little Pal, who was once the only remaining Labrador-pug puppy from his litter after six of his brothers and sisters were stolen, was reunited with two of his siblings Monday.

Lt. R. Thomas Flores Jr., with the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, said the two puppies were in good condition and were taken care of by the people who returned them. One of the puppies was excited and playful when she was returned to Amber Hinson, owner of the puppies, Flores said.

“I wish I had filmed it,” Flores said. “How the mom reacted and how the puppy reacted would melt your heart.”

Deputies have identified Malyk Williams, 19, as a person of interest in the Dec. 22 breaking and entering on Pate Circle in which six, 4-week-old puppies were stolen.

Williams lives in the North Beston Road area and is often seen in areas around Genoa Road, New Hope Road and Dudley, Flores said. He was last seen driving a black Pontiac Grand Am with a fin on the back.

Flores said he hopes more people will come forward with puppies after releasing the suspect’s name and information. Anyone with information about the stolen puppies or Williams’ whereabouts should contact detective. Scott Mohiser at 919-580-4092, Flores at 919-731-1487 or Wayne County Crime Stoppers at 919-735-2255. Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards of up to $1,000 for information leading to a felony arrest. Callers remain anonymous and a cash reward is provided if an arrest results in charges.

“Ninety percent of crimes are solved by witnesses and leads,” Flores said. “We take information from the public to solve our crimes.”

Hinson, of the Rosewood community, said she returned home from work Dec. 22 and discovered her front door kicked in, several Christmas presents and six of her seven Labrador-pug puppies missing. Little Pal, the only remaining puppy, was left cowering in the kitchen between the refrigerator and trash can when she found him.

Flores said a neighbor saw a black car with a spoiler on it in front of Hinson’s house and a black male with short dreads at the front door. The witness told officers someone knocked on their mother’s front door the previous day, but drove away in a car that was similar to the one they saw at Hinson’s house. Flores said the witness believes the person who knocked on their mother’s front door and was at Hinson’s house the next day are the same person.

In addition to the six puppies, the intruder stole a .22-caliber gun with a blue finish and camo butt stock, a Vineyard Vines T-shirt, a shirt, a Nerf gun, a safe with important documents, a grilling cook set and a prayer book. According to a sheriff's office incident investigation report, the suspect left with a total value of $1,063 in stolen goods and items. Many of the items were Christmas presents.

Hinson has been worried about the health and safety of the puppies, who were in the process of weaning.

Without the nutrients Hinson provided the puppies with milk supplements, she said she feared the puppies’ growth could be stunted, or they could even die. She said she was also worried about the home the puppies were in, because she was in the process of making sure each puppy was given to a loving family who would treat it well and not give it up for adoption after two weeks of taking it in.

Since two of the puppies were returned to Hinson, Flores said the investigation is going well overall.

“I think I know who did this,” Flores said. “We’re making good progress.”